Why a custom printed cup will make your event stand out?

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You and I both know how hard it is to put on an event. Whether you are planning a small event or you are event planner; you want your event to stand out - this one has to be different from the rest.

Now you might be thinking to fork out on a Trade Show Banners, you know, the roll-up / pull up ones - but how many people really stand by those? You and I *know* it can be awkward trying to get people to take pics beside it.

trade show banner

Another go-to is the catwalk type. Even worse because they take up so much space, is time-consuming and will definitely cost a few quid.


They create a great experience

The best way to get that social currency is to make your guests feel great when they walk through the door and when the leave.

For instance, in the UK, Afronation & Roc Boys use branded custom cups top give their VIP guests something extra - we know our importance this is.

Roc Boys VIP using CupsPrinted cups


Not every event planner will use custom printed cups for VIP treatment.

In events that have custom cups for everyone, think about how easy it is for a selfie to contain a branded cup? For brands that are looking for higher reach & impressions, this is a great way to get the word out and days later it will pop up on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat pages right where more of your potential audience can see it.

As far as branding & event placement goes,


Create a “FOMO” effect

Whether you like it or not, human behaviour is human behaviour.

As Breezy once said:
I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the club - you can’t even get in

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these subtle, memorable moments that get captured anyway, will have a white cup with a brand on it, a constant reminder to your audience about the event you missed out on.

Put a stamp who you are and what you stand for - visually or with words

Having a custom brand on your product gives you more space to stamp out who your brand is and what it stands for before the night even gets started.

It’s also a reminder to your potential guests that we are here.

Have synergy in cross-promotional opportunities

The most impactful partnerships form when you combine everything together

Brands can use this opportunity to be bold about the authentic partnerships that are being created


 Go crazy, be creative

Some event planners switch up the different variations of the brand/colours to go with the theme.

Shisha Sundays did a rebrand in October 2019 and use CupsPrinted to cups to relaunch this with their customers



It’s 2020, and so many events look exactly the same.

You queue up, you show your ticket or buy a new one, you head to the clock room, the party starts, the party ends. And if you’re lucky, that brand was seen on the reminder email, and if the event planner was bothered a thank you email.


Why not find cool new ways to make your event stand out.

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