Our Story

In 2015, our founder, Honey, was keen to make events special by adding a special touch at parties that had never existed before: customising cups with their own design ideas to make the event memorable at Parties, BBQs, festivals, Conferences.

Since then we’ve grown! Our custom cups are now being used for branding, launching businesses and replacing traditional marketing. Cups Printed is Pivitol for brands that want to be remembered. It’s a great way of marketing, as we know social media is really buzzing right now and people love a great Picture moment with a cup in their hand, letting people know they was there!

Now we are all about that special touch, making unique moments. At Cups Printed we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, to make your special moments more personal and exciting. Our aim is to provide products that have that WOW factor. Making it memorable , impressionable and unforgettable!